Quality Assurance


The world is brimming with ideas. Everyone is excited to bring a new product or service to market, or re-engineer an existing product or service to stay one step closer to their customer and one step ahead of their competition. Developers are writing lines of code to bring forth new ideas and innovation like never before. However, the pace of today’s market leaves vulnerabilities and room for mistakes unless the quality assurance process is strategic and comprehensive. Sri Infotech’s consultants are skilled at monitoring and testing new code to assure the end user that the product or service is indeed functioning in the way it was intended. Sri Infotech is an ideal quality assurance partner for achieving this critical phase in product development.

Sri Infotech consultants are quality assurance testing experts with varied skills in white box, integration, usability, web services, features & functionality, automation, and performance testing. We can write automation frameworks according to your specific business needs, and are flexible to adopt to client-centric quality assurance strategies. Our business expertise drives consultants to deliver on time and at budget, where we strive to not only meet, but exceed expectations. Our rich knowledge base and flexible engagement models enable you to completely outsource your quality assurance to one or more of our expert consultants, or engage our consultants within your overall strategy.

Our technical experience in multiple QA frameworks and automation tools includes Selenium, Robot framework, Squish, STAF, Test Director, Cucumber, Jira, Bugzilla, DejaGNU, JMeter, QTP, Java, and FrameMaker.

We have worked on countless quality assurance projects such as:

  • Helping an insurance company develop and test a new tool for robust reporting and maintenance services for its online enrollment of multiline insurance plans.
  • Working within an IT department at a healthcare insurance company to assist with technical documentation to support a wide-scale business continuity and disaster recovery project. We wrote help documentation, release notes, software documentation, executive presentations, online newsletter articles, software job aids, and provided in-house training.

Open Source Tools


Sri Infotech consultants are experienced managers, trained technical personnel, and subject matter experts on a variety of open source tools. We work with our customers to carefully collect and document requirements, develop comprehensive project plans, and effectively implement, manage and deploy these on time and within budget. Sri Infotech uses the real-world expertise of the open source environment, and information technology experience to help clients solve their business challenges.

For Example:

  • Sri Infotech uses open source technology to assist a retail furniture company in the testing processes for developers. We help two functional teams collaborate and share knowledge to better assist the retail team members. We use open source backend systems comprised of various internal tools with Windows servers, administering an Active Directory via Powershell.

Business Process Outsourcing


Sri Infotech uses real-world expertise and information technology experience to help clients solve their business process challenges. Leading companies use our customized BPO solutions to improve operational efficiency and data driven decision-making. We help save costs immediately, while making refinements to help processes work smarter and faster.

Our consultants use proven methods to rapidly design, implement and customize processes and tools to fit client needs. We help clients keep pace with data source changes and meta data enhancements. We are experts at rapid, cost-effective implementation, training and support services. Sri Infotech consultants can also enhance and upgrade processes to deliver operational and performance efficiencies.

Sri Infotech consultants have worked with companies to:

  • Provide data collection, scrubbing, and cleansing to build a patent filing database for a global firm that provides IT solutions to the legal services industry.
  • Build a program that provides daily intelligence data on the European short position that includes data from 25 European countries’ Securities and Regulatory Compliance filings.
  • Create a mutual fund & ETF holdings data intelligence report on 40,000 securities from the SEC Edgar Database of public filings for historical holdings.
  • Maintain daily updates on 1000+ European market indices and their constituents, weights, closing prices and other fundamental data points.
  • Extract, validate and monitor insurance claims and patient service data from UB-92 and HCFA-1500 forms to provide a means of efficient claims management for medical practitioners.
  • Help a Fortune 500 IT Infrastructure Integrator with its Veritas Products. We provide technical support for its clients via multi-channel support practices, including email, instant messaging, an online ticketing and tracking system, and voice calls. We cover non-U.S daytime working hours, U.S holidays, and weekends. Our qualified and certified engineers provide high quality responses to cover all major Veritas Products including NetBackup, InfoScale VCS, and Volume Manager in a securely stored customer information system with aggressive service level agreements.

Software Development

Sri Infotech works with companies to implement agile software development processes. From conception of proprietary software to meet a specific business need, through the final result and implementation of the software, you can rely on Sri Infotech consultants. We assist with quality control and training, as well as updating and maintaining the software. Sri Infotech consultants can efficiently guide your company through the steps of the software development process. Some examples of how our consultants have provided expertise in the area of software development include:

  • creating software for a client who helps manufacturing and retail companies decide what products, with what features, need to be built, how many should be produced, and where they should be sold. We have assisted them from design of the the technical solution and development of the proof of concept, through implementation. The result is a predictive software that enables our customer to provide consultation to their client. The information obtained can keep up with changing technologies, as well as integrate with existing technologies.
  • working with client staff, and the contracting group they’ve brought in, to do the primary development of a software initiative to support of over 1,000 field agents of a national product inspection company. Sri Infotech consultants are developing a proprietary software tool set to replace the one they were licensing from a vendor.

Our consultants work with programs such as Android, Java/Angular web development tools, Dev Ops/Jenkins CI/CD manager, SQL, Angular JS, Eclipse, and Spring Tool Set.

Data Warehousing


You have taken the first step in collecting all sorts of data about your customers. Various sources provide a wealth of information that you can use to better understand your customer needs and habits, and even predict future behavior. But now that you have all of this data, how do you best analyze it? Sri Infotech consultants are experts in combining data from multiple sources into one comprehensive and easily manipulated database.

Once your company has developed a strategy for organizing the data, you can use it for a wide range of purposes to help you better determine trends, understand your customer or employee, track day-to-day operations, and create actions based upon your findings. When you combine your various data sources, a data warehouse becomes invaluable for making short and long term business decisions. Sri Infotech consultants are experts in building and managing your data warehouse and can handle the entire data movement lifecycle from source systems to the staging area to the data warehouse to the final data mart.

Big Data


Companies today are striving to get closer to customers and provide customized service, content, and products. This has led to the seeking, tracking and storing of large amounts of information. Sri Infotech consultants have worked with both large and small companies looking to develop intelligence to guide business decisions. Knowledge of data science enables companies to think beyond the data on hand and make inferences and predictions to forecast trends and company direction.

Today, more data crosses the internet every second than was stored on the entire internet just 20 years ago. Sri Infotech consultants have the expertise to help you create the organized structure necessary to use, store, and secure all of this information and use it to make better business decisions .

Sri Infotech’s depth of experience in working with information includes machine learning, regression analysis, principal component analysis, differential evolutionary search, and neural networks. In addition, we are skilled at data management, statistical analysis, batch processing, unified big data analytics and data sharing, data exploration services including proof of concept engagements, and hypotheses creation and testing. Our consultants have built real-time queries to be executed against data in Hive, HDFS, HBase and AmazonS3.

We specialize in event stream processing. This includes alerts, aggregation and analytics for event-intensive applications such as algorithmic trading, fraud detection, process monitoring, location-based services, sensor data, social media, and log and click stream processing. In addition, we use iterative algorithms to speed up repetitive processing, such as clustering and classification. Our consultants are experts in working with complex operations to create efficient support processes to “group-by,” “reduce-by” or “join” operations for modeling and executing complex data flows.



Customers are demanding a more genuine multi-platform experience

Don’t get left behind. Our consultants can help you harness the power of digital technology to adopt new levels of customer engagement, identify market opportunities, elevate the customer experience, and improve efficiencies. Sri Infotech works with you to understand your business goals and places the highest level of IT talent to help you meet them. As an extension of your team, we will help you yield concrete business results.

Sri Infotech specializes in providing UX/UI, data and analytics, and cloud consultants. Our consultants are also experts in all areas of project governance and multi-platform application development. We employ Agile and Scrum project management methodologies and believe that this approach can better serve your business needs with a less disruptive, more collaborative approach. We use these principles to create software and design projects with the flexibility to meet your ever-changing business needs. With Sri Infotech, as fast as your business changes, you can stay one step closer to your customers and one step ahead of your competition.

Sri Infotech’s proprietary implementation process – the eProduct Lifecycle Management (ePLM) process – enables us to keep you up to speed with evolving technology.

The ePLM process focuses on managing the high-speed evolution of digital products from concept through completion, with the goal of bringing a better product to market while shortening development times and reducing costs. Sri Infotech works with you to optimize every step of the way in order to improve quality and create a sustainable eCommerce environment. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you implement your digital vision.