About Company

Deliver Inovative Business Solution

Sri Infotech is a premier provider of IT talent. We place technology experts within the teams of the world’s leading companies and help clients build innovative businesses that keep them one step closer to their customers and one step ahead of the competition.

Sri Infotech strives to be among the most respected IT consulting firms by providing unmatched customer, consultant and employee support. A meaningful work environment for employees, attractive and interesting engagements for consultants, and cutting edge innovation for our customers set us apart from the rest. At Sri Infotech, people are not a commodity, but our greatest resource.

We delight in watching our customers utilize technology to succeed. Big projects or small, Sri Infotech combines the highest quality talent with our unwavering support to become an invaluable extension of your team. Our goal is not to meet expectations, but to exceed them as our consultants learn your business and duplicate success within your company. We call it The Sri Infotech Effect.

Our Unique Approach

Since years, Sri Infotech has filled a unique space between mass IT staffing firms and large consulting firms. We provide the brain power to keep you on the cutting edge. Our digital technology experts produce results that prove, with the right talent, you can achieve your goals. We do this without the steep overhead costs associated with the large consulting firms. Sri Infotech consultants compete on both expertise and value — and win every time.